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改善 英语

活用的话很多种译法的 比如: In order to improve a situation, reports from within a company are as important as those from the outside. 为了改善现状,来自公司内部的报告与外部报告同等重要。 Not until we know more will we be able to...

improve improvement perfection ameliorate 都是提高,改进的意思 谢谢采纳

改善工作方法的英文翻译 改善工作方法 Improving working methods 方法 [名] method; way; means; technique; measure; [例句]摆脱这一困境的方法尚未找到。 A way out of the difficulty has not yet to be found

您好! 答案是确定的,要加the。 解释有二: 一,improve the environment是固定搭配,你随便从英文报纸中摘录的句子都是这样。 二,environment类似地球、太阳等是独一无二的事物,必须用the。 (如有疑问请追问,我一直在线)

To put forward and improve the problem.

改善品 Improve quality 改善品 Improve quality 改善品 Improve quality

"发展优点改善缺点"_有道翻译 翻译结果: "Development advantages to improve shortcomings" shortcomings Shortcomings 缺点,毛病,不足之处 Correcting shortcomings 改正缺点 the shortcomings 不足

Improvement Proposal改善方案

改善目前的状况 improve current situation

改善 [词典] improve; better; ameliorate; polish up; [例句]两国关系已有所改善。 The relations between the two countries have shown some improvement.

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